The Gifts they Bring: English Learners and Gifted Ed. – Education Article

A few weeks back I was chatting with a gifted education specialist in our district, an excellent teacher my son was lucky enough to have in elementary school. I asked him some questions that had been in the back of my mind about English Learners and gifted education, and whether the district identified a lot of EL’s as gifted and talented. He said that the district was working on this issue and developing some strategies to improve in this area.…

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My To-Do List: A Peek Into a Teacher Leader’s Week – Education Article

The simple fact that this is my second “list” blog post in a row should tell you something. No matter how many hours I am putting in at home right now, there do not seem to be enough. Teaching is always busy, and balance elusive, but between designing and implementing new programs at school, and managing extra projects (both meant to supplement income as well as realize pet ideas of mine), this was my teacher-leader to-do list as of last…

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