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6 Tips To Create An eLearning Marketing Infographic Readers Instantly Share – Education Article

How To Create An eLearning Marketing Infographic Readers Instantly Share Statistics don’t lie. Well, they can, if you misinterpret them, but they generally give a pretty accurate view of the situation. Let’s look at a few online metrics. I’ve already mentioned that visuals score 200% higher than words. When looking at content, most of us remember 20% of what we read and 90% of the graphics. While infographics contain both words and pictures, 87% of people never bother to read the…

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Where Should Small-Medium Businesses Start With eLearning? – Education Article

How Small-Medium Businesses Start With eLearning You know you need eLearning or some type of training for your employees. After all, your company is growing, and you are moving towards your big business goals. Adding employees and expanding your reach means training new staff and updating your veteran employees. Just like grains of sand on the beach, the possibilities for eLearning for small businesses seem endless. So where should you start? Start By Asking Yourself These Two Questions How do…

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5 Things To Remember When Starting A New eLearning Project – Education Article

What Should You Keep In Mind When Beginning A New eLearning Project? Creating a successful eLearning course is no easy task. Even if you know the content well and have taught it in a traditional classroom before, eLearning comes with a bit of a challenge, which leaves many professionals not knowing where or how to begin. Hence, you search the internet to find an overwhelming amount of information on tips, tricks, dos and don’ts regarding eLearning projects that may or…

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