Election Reform

Hey, Teachers’ Unions, Let’s Get This One Right – No Early Presidential Endorsements & Lots of Membership Engagement – Education Article

Let’s not mince words.   The last Presidential election was a cluster.   And we were at least partially to blame for it.   The Democratic primary process was a mess, the media gave free airtime to the most regressive candidate, and our national teachers unions – the National 
Education Association (NEA) and American Federation of Teachers (AFT) – endorsed a Democratic challenger too early and without getting membership support first.   This time we have a chance to get…

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What Will It Take to Get Equitable School Funding in Pennsylvania – a Statewide Teachers Strike!? – Education Article

What if every public school teacher in Pennsylvania refused to come to work on Monday? What if instead they took to the streets with signs and placards, bullhorns and chanted slogans. Maybe: “Hey! HEY! Ho! HO! This Unfair Funding Has to Go!”Or: “What do we want!? FAIR FUNDING! When do we want it? YESTERDAY!” The problem is that from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia and all places in between, the Keystone state has the most unequal school funding system in the country.…

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Billionaire Heiress Lashes Out at Unions Because Her Fortune Didn’t Buy Election – Education Article

  Betsy DeVos is furious!   She and her family spent boatloads of money this election cycle and few of their candidates won.   Instead, lawmakers were largely selected by these things called… ew… voters.   She was so enraged that she used her platform as Secretary of Education – another prudent purchase by her family – to lash out at teachers unions for – get this – having too much influence!!!!!   She told Fox Business Network:   “The…

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