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Teaching Romeo and Juliet to Beginning Level English Learners – Education Article

Guest Writer: Karissa Knox Sorrell Teaching English Learners who are new to the country and are non-English speakers is a challenge at every grade, but it can be particularly challenging at the high school level when students have to earn credits, pass multiple state end-of-course exams, and engage with complex texts on a daily basis. With so much at stake and a huge language gap, it can be very difficult for both English Learners and teachers of these English Learners to…

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Voice of Witness: Bring the Power of Oral History to Your Classroom – Education Article

Listen to my interview with Cliff Mayotte (transcript): Sponsored by Peergrade and 3Doodler   Teaching history and English has gotten complicated. For many, many years, educational publishers produced texts that centered an overwhelmingly white, European experience. But in recent decades, there’s been a push to change that, to widen the lens, to hear the voices of those who are so often under- or misrepresented. Many teachers have done an admirable job of addressing this need by expanding the menu of…

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