35 Things Great Headteachers Do – Education Article

Reading Time: 3 minutes Is your headteacher a people person? Not all headteachers have their heads screwed on. But those that do, make their staff feel valued. They put relationships first and they get the most from everyone. We’ve all worked with different types of headteachers who adopt a range of leadership styles but there is one constant. Of all the leadership skills used in headship, communication is the most essential. Sir John Dunford, the former general secretary of ASCL, said…

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My 3 Student Expectations This Year For My Digital Heroes and a Free Handout! – Teacher Reboot Camp – Education Article

I recently finished two weeks of intense teacher training. I enjoyed what my district coach had to say when it came to classroom rules. She only has one expectation, which is be respectful and that covers pretty much everything when you think about it. I took this idea and decided on 3 expectations. I love this idea, because I teach 440 elementary students and in charge of the technology curriculum for 640. From experience, I know they can’t remember every…

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