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5 Things to Know When Evaluating a Financial Aid Offer – Education Article

April is National Financial Capability Month and understanding the terms of your financial aid offer and making smart decisions about paying for college can be a good indicator of your financial capability. Many schools use the term “award letter” which can be misleading and make it sound like all the aid that is listed will all be awarded to you. This notification (paper or electronic) is an offer, which means that you are not obligated to take all the aid…

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Teaching financial literacy: The bottom line – Education Article

April is Financial Literacy Month, and while it’s always a great time to talk about financial literacy, April shines a big spotlight on my favorite topic! Not everyone will geek out about it like I do—and I’m okay with that—but we need to face some hard truths. Nearly one-fourth of millennials are spending more than they earn, college students are racking up record debt, and more and more people say they have less than three months’ worth of emergency funds.…

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