Frank Baker

Teach Media Literacy with Super Bowl Ads – Education Article

(Updated for 2019) By Frank W. Baker For many years, I have hosted a web page, “Using Super Bowl Ads In The Classroom,” because I wanted to help educators who haven’t thought about using these popular culture texts in instruction. You might notice that I use the word “texts.” TV and other video commercials should be considered as texts because they present information that students can learn to scrutinize closely (analyze) and deconstruct. In fact, the National Council of Teachers…

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Using Numbers in the News to Teach Media Literacy – Education Article

Some years ago a survey revealed the news themes that relied most on numbers to generate reader interest. Among top stories were those about the monthly Consumer Product Index, the stock market ups and downs, and seasonal sports statistics. If you’re a math educator, perhaps you’ve already used some of these data sources, or others, to hook your students with “real world applications.” As a media educator, I found that list of the most “number-focused” news stories to be lacking…

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