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Two state Steiner schools face possible closure or takeover | Education

Two Steiner state schools in the west of England face possible closure or takeover after the Department for Education said it intended to cut off their funding later this year. The trusts running the free schools in Bristol and Frome have been issued termination warning notices by the DfE after the schools were rated as inadequate and placed in special measures by Ofsted. The inspections published in January reported a long list of serious safeguarding and teaching problems at the…

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Ofsted asks government to look closely at Steiner schools in England | Education

Ofsted has asked the government to look closely at Steiner schools in England, after multiple inspections of schools operating under the Steiner banner revealed worries over pupil safety. The letter from the head of Ofsted throws into doubt the future of Steiner schools receiving state funding, after several opened as part of the free schools programme launched by Michael Gove in 2011. Amanda Spielman, the chief inspector of schools in England, said in a letter to the education secretary, Damian…

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Steiner state school in Bristol launches legal action against Ofsted | Education

A Steiner school in Bristol is launching legal action against its latest Ofsted report, which rated the school as “inadequate” and resulted in it being placed in special measures. The governing body of Steiner Academy Bristol said the schools watchdog’s inspection and judgment process showed bias against Steiner schools. The legal challenge will argue the Ofsted inspection was flawed and inspectors lacked proper evidential basis for their conclusions. A series of Ofsted inspections, published in the past few weeks, found…

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Steiner schools aren’t cranky – we develop heart, head and soul | Letters | Education

Zoe Williams (These Steiner ‘failures’ are really a failure of the free school agenda,, 18 January) is wrong to imply that Steiner schools endorse the sometimes odious views of Rudolf Steiner. Steiner himself argued against this. This misconception is as ridiculous as saying that Britain’s most esteemed schools still promote the views of founders who may have traded slaves or opposed votes for women. Steiner schools attract a diverse group of parents who are highly committed to their children’s…

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Ofsted inspections find three Steiner schools to be inadequate | Education

The future of state-funded Steiner education has been thrown into doubt after a series of snap Ofsted inspections found that three of the four such schools set up under the Conservatives’ free schools programme were inadequate. The four have been inspected in recent weeks – alongside private Steiner schools, a number of which have also been found to be inadequate – following an intervention by the education secretary, Damian Hinds, over concerns about safeguarding. Ofsted reports for the Frome and…

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Visits to English Schools by Amanda Spielman – Education Article

Reading Time: 3 minutes Which schools has Amanda Spielman visited since her appointment as Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector? On 11th December 2018, I made a Freedom of Information request to Ofsted. I wanted to know which schools Amanda Spielman had visited since her appointment, including what conferences and teacher-training events she has attended on a Saturday. Image credit: The Guardian. Freedom of Information “Dear Ofsted, Please could you advise of the number of visits to early years, primary, secondary state…

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