21st Century Learning Conference 2019 – Mr. Hill’s Musings – Education Article

This weekend, I was lucky enough to attend the 11th Annual 21st Century Learning Conference (my first time at this event) and it was even better than I knew it would be. The only thing better than the presentations was the company. It was the biggest collection of amazing teachers that I have ever witnessed. So inspiring and energising! It felt like my entire PLN was there and it was very special to finally meet some of these connections face…

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The Heart of Educational Game Design – – Education Article

Four key areas to consider when designing and evaluating digital learning games. GUEST COLUMN | by Natalie F. Masters Gamification is trending across the modern educational landscape, and digital learning games are exploding onto the educational technology marketplace. With so much discussion, even hype, surrounding games and learning, many educators are looking to the research. While the body of research on digital learning games may be relatively sparse when compared with, say, the body of research on literacy instruction, and perhaps no less…

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Makerspace Starter Kit Updated – Education Article

Three years ago I shared my Makerspace Starter Kit with you or what I was buying to boost our Makerspace area using four empty Library study carrels that no longer held desktop Macs.  That post has consistently been one of the most viewed posts every week for years and years – with more than 83 THOUSAND views, gee whiz! (Crazy, right?) So, I thought maybe it was time to update it!*  Since then, I’ve had some major Makerspace successes and…

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