What if Students Designed Their Education? – Education Article

In education today, there have been a lot of discussions in regard to what skills students may need for the future. Many times we hear conversations about “21st century skills” and how to best prepare students for life and work in the 21st century. Often these 21st-century references are followed by reminders that we are well into the 21st century. We are not only thinking of the future, but these are also the skills that our students need today. According…

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Redefining Readiness: New Literacies | Getting Smart – Education Article

Readiness has become a popular way to describe the mission. Are our students ready? Many like college and career ready. Others like Future Ready. I like ‘ready for anything” because that’s truly what all of our students need. In Part 1 of Redefining Readiness, I focused on Pedagogy and Courses. For Part 2, let’s go beyond and focus on new literacies. New Literacies Literacy has traditionally been used to describe the functional ability to read, write, speak and listen. One…

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Cultivating An Innovation Mindset in the Classroom – Education Article

As the landscape of the work environment changes, the Generation Do-It-Yourself (#GenDIY) campaign provides ideas and resources to young adults who are looking to identify what is important to them and turn their passions into a rewarding career. Developing an innovation mindset is a common theme for #GenDIY. According to GenDIY, people who have innovation mindsets possess qualities such as “perseverance, initiative, collaboration, tenacity, and curiosity.” How can classroom teachers give students opportunities to develop an innovation mindset and build these important…

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