A .new Shortcut for Creating G Suite Files – Education Article

Posted February 7, 2019 by Nick LaFave under General Looking for a quick way to create a new Google Doc? Just type doc.new and a new Google Doc will open instantly. The .new shortcut works for nearly all types of G Suite files.  It’s also forgiving in allowing variations of the shortcut. For example, you can open a new Google Sheet by typing sheet.new, sheets.new, or spreadsheet.new.  The Complete List of .new G Suite Shortcuts Docs: doc.new,… This is only a snippet of a Education Article written by…

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The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Virtual Field Trips with Google Expeditions – Education Article

Google Expeditions – Beyond Virtual Field Trips From the bottom of the sea to the moon and beyond:  virtual and augmented reality now enable us to take students virtually anywhere. The best part is that you only need a mobile device, no expensive virtual reality headsets, to take full advantage of these virtual field trips. Google Expeditions create engaging experiences for students that transcend time and space. Getting Started with Google Expeditions Find an Expedition Search the List of Available…

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Inspire Your Students with These 351 Visual Writing Prompts – Education Article

Make Writing Fun with Visual Writing Prompts Engaging writing prompts are an easy way to make writing fun. Every teacher needs a good collection of prompts, and the three sites below are full of great ones. The old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words” just might prove helpful in moving students from asking “How many words do we have to write?” to not wanting to stop. Visual Writing Prompts is a great source for engaging writing prompts. You…

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TED Talks for Teachers – Volume 6 – Education Article

My sixth annual collection of TED talks for teachers features thought-provoking topics from unfounded fears about screen time to the important roles social justice can play in the classroom.  Help for Kids the Education System Ignores – Victor Rios I cringe when I hear people suggest that underachieving students simply need to work harder. That idea may be true for some, but it’s a rather limited perspective. Grit simply isn’t enough for many students. Victor Rios shares some great insight…

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Top EdTech Picks of 2018 – Education Article

Posted December 27, 2018 by Nick LaFave under General My most popular EdTech Picks of 2018: choice boards, pineapple charts, backchannels, virtual field trips, great Google slides templates. Here’s a look back at my top picks. The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Choice Boards If you’re looking for an easy way to get started with digital choice boards, you definitely need to check out this concise beginner’s guide. Pineapple Charts: Peer Observation… This is only a snippet of a Education Article…

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