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5 Authentic Ways to Encourage People Right Now – Education Article

| Share | Tweet | Share | Pin It | email Genuine appreciation that is timely and meaningful can go a long way in the classroom, between colleagues, and administrators and their teachers. So why don’t we show more appreciation? It doesn’t have to be hard as Dr. Brad Johnson explains in this simple but inspiring show about taking the time to build relationships. We can do this. Even more importantly, we must. Listen to Hear Ideas You Need to Know…

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Virtual Valentines and 2 Other Cool, Easy Collaborative Ideas for Teachers @coolcatteacher – Education Article

Dyane Smokorowski is the 2013 Kansas Teacher of the Year and is currently serving as an Instructional Technology Coach in the Andover Public schools. Mrs. Smoke, as she’s known to her students, believes in a project-based, student-centered classroom that helps students build skills in communication, planning, research and project implementation. Her 17-year passion for global collaboration has led Mrs. Smoke to design over 75 projects for teachers and students around the world. She wants her students to develop a love…

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Telling our Student’s Stories – Education Article

From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki DavisFollow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Students have stories to tell. As educators, we can impact our profession by sharing the stories of student successes (and perhaps struggles.) In today’s episode, Jamie Ewing talks about his new YouTube channel and why he finds sharing student stories to be a powerful way to help the profession of teaching. For over 30 years, Advancement Courses has been a leader in professional development, providing expertly-crafted, classroom-applicable courses…

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Preservice Teacher Virtual Co-Op Program @coolcatteacher – Education Article

Hi! I’m Sam Fecich a professor, educator, and huge fan of pumpkin spice lattes (PSL)! Seriously, guys, I am the type of person who is counting down the days in August until PSLs are back on the menu. Most days of the week you can find me in my office at Grove City College working with students or teaching preservice teachers about educational technology or special education. During my courses, preservice teachers learn how to hone their digital presence, unite…

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