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How To Find An Authentic Audience For Your Students’ Work – The Edublogger – Education Article

Who saw all the work you produced when you were at school? For many of us, the work we created had a very limited audience. It may have only been seen by the teacher, or perhaps some classmates or family members (if it wasn’t left crumpled up in the bottom of the school bag!). Clearly, things have changed and it’s now possible for students to have a diverse audience for their work through platforms like blogs and digital portfolios. This…

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Showcasing Class Blogs! – The Edublogger – Education Article

Do you enjoy seeing what’s happening in other classrooms to get new perspectives and ideas? Or maybe you’re looking for other classes around the globe that your students can connect with? We’ve just updated our list of class blogs! We have maintained our class blog list on The Edublogger since 2008 and it is always one of our most popular resources. Whether you’re just looking for ideas on how other educators use blogs, seeking lesson inspiration, or wanting to make…

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