Grading Schools

The Future of Ofsted Inspections – Education Article

Reading Time: 5 minutes Does vague terminology from Ofsted cause considerable frustration for [parents,] teachers and school leaders? EDSK (Education and Skills), a new think tank has published a new report on the validity of Ofsted grading schools reliably: Since it was created over 25 years ago, Ofsted has not published any research to support the notion that their judgements on schools accurately reflect the quality of education that a school provides. This is my quick-read summary of the report…

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System Leadership and School Improvement – Education Article

Reading Time: 1 minute How do we find the next generation of teachers to step up to leadership? In a high-stakes accountability system, how do we nurture the next generation of school leaders and reduce a football-manager-syndrome culture. This is a question I have been asking England’s inspection watchdog for a number of years … Macro accountability … Headteachers (at least that’s what they called themselves a decade ago) used to settle their disputes with the local authority, or with…

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