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Jess: Miami Dolphins Cheerleader and Nurse – Education Article

Science Cheerleader Britney here, bringing you an update on veteran Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Jess! You may remember Jess from her interview last year. With a passion for helping others, Jess is pursuing a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree and working as a School Nurse, all on top of being an NFL cheerleader! Read below to learn more about what Jess has been up to since we last caught up. What turned you on to STEM and when?  My father and grandma are…

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Jenn: Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader and Registered Nurse – Education Article

Veteran Vikings Cheerleader Jenn holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and uses the skills she has learned as a registered nurse and on the field every day! Read on below to learn all about Jenn. When did you decide to pursue a science career ? I realized I wanted to be a nurse when my grandma was sick in hospice care. I was fascinated and inspired by the work of the home-care nurse, and when she needed assistance with caring…

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