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5 Essential Practices for Designated and Integrated ELD @coolcatteacher – Education Article

Elizabeth Iwaszewicz talks about five strategies for designated and integrated English Language Development (ELD).   Today’s Sponsor: Metaverse is a powerful augmented reality app. They have a new classroom management tool called Collections. These let the teacher: View all student experiences in one place Edit and View Experiences in one place Share Student Experiences as a group Metaverse is free for teachers and students to create as many AR experiences as you want. The new classroom management features in Metaverse…

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Virtual Valentines and 2 Other Cool, Easy Collaborative Ideas for Teachers @coolcatteacher – Education Article

Dyane Smokorowski is the 2013 Kansas Teacher of the Year and is currently serving as an Instructional Technology Coach in the Andover Public schools. Mrs. Smoke, as she’s known to her students, believes in a project-based, student-centered classroom that helps students build skills in communication, planning, research and project implementation. Her 17-year passion for global collaboration has led Mrs. Smoke to design over 75 projects for teachers and students around the world. She wants her students to develop a love…

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