Imaginative Educational Leadership (IEL)

Effective Leaders Are Affective Leaders: Imagination’s Role – imaginED – Education Article

For S…you have guided my learning more than you know. We have all been there as teachers, sitting in a staff meeting and looking at student data that communicates where our collective learners are at. And for many of those staff meetings, we leave feeling down on ourselves and our practice. Our classrooms are full of different needs and learning capabilities, and it seems like there is never enough time to support all the learners each day in every area…

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Shifting Our Leadership Lens to See Imagination – imaginED – Education Article

By Courtney Robertson (Vice-Principal, MEd in Imaginative Education) The role of being an administrative leader often feels like a complicated and impossible juggling act. Trying to keep all the different pieces “in the air” (e.g. functioning at the optimum level) can be a great challenge for even the most experienced leader. We envision supporting classrooms, teachers, and practice, in a way that drives the school community forward in positive ways, and yet we can hit road block after road block–obstacles…

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