Story, Timelines and History Teaching in the Early Primary Years – imaginED – Education Article

By Kate Charette (Educator & PhD Candidate, University of New Brunswick) I first learned about Imaginative Education (IE) as an elementary school teacher doing my Masters degree. In the evenings after teaching my kindergarteners I would read about engaging students’ imaginations by shaping the curriculum as an exciting story much like a journalist would, rather than thinking of it as a checklist to cover. I would explore ideas about what cognitive tools my students were using to understand the world…

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Dodging the Fall of Constantinople – Connecting Physical Education and Social Studies – imaginED – Education Article

Authors: Leah Tesan and Dr. Tim Waddington By now, Imaginative Education has well established this simple truism: at the core of any great lesson is an abundance of student engagement. An inquiry-based curriculum, such as those found in British Columbia, Ontario and a growing number of other educational contexts, provides teachers with the opportunity to be both innovative and imaginative in every subject. Nowhere is the need for this outside-the-box practice more noticeable than in Social Studies, which for any…

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