Immigrants and Refugees

How the world fails in educating refugee girls – Education Article

KAKUMA, Kenya—A sea of 76 students in bright violet uniforms with pointed white collars confronted Jessica Deng as she stepped into her classroom. The students – all girls in the eighth grade – crowded around worn wooden desks and battered textbooks as she briskly set them to work on a math problem calculating the speed of someone who travels 80 kilometers in 4 hours. The equatorial sun had begun to heat up the September day and burned through the curtainless…

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‘I grew up being called a terrorist’ – Education Article

Two years after 9/11, when I was 6 years old, my family moved from Cairo to a predominantly white neighborhood in central New Jersey. It was all too common for the kids in the area to make comments like, “Hey Engy, don’t blow up the building.”   I grew up being called a terrorist. People around the country were greatly impacted by 9/11, especially my neighbors who had felt this act of terror firsthand. On its anniversary, my fifth-grade class…

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