imposter syndrome

Jealousy has been my Teacher – Education Article

by: Jessie Fuller I am a jealous person.  You wouldn’t know it upon early or even prolonged interaction. Closet envier may be the better description. I veil it rather expertly, kind of like the same way I hide the chocolate chip bag in the vegetable crisper – stealthy, I know. The slope that I slide down usually goes something like this, “She or he has it all figured out.  If only I could be that ____________(you fill in the blank)……

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Figure it out | E-Learning Provocateur – Education Article

I can honestly say I’ve never suffered from imposter syndrome. I’ve always been the type of person who likes to work out how to do something hands-on, so I can talk about it with confidence. I suppose I’ve been lucky in the sense that, throughout my career, I’ve been able to align my curiosity and sense of direction with the needs of the business. Having said that, I also suppose I’ve created some of my own luck by keeping a…

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