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The Importance of Not Stepping In – The Principal of Change – Education Article

I had a fantastic opportunity to do a student podcast recently, and although the students were there to ask me questions, I took a lot of time to ask them about their own experiences in school. Honestly, I would rather hear from them and their perspectives than I would talk so I tried to get in as many questions as possible.  It was such a pleasure to connect with these students.We got onto the topic of “empowering” students and why…

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The Importance of Isolation in a Highly Connected World – The Principal of Change – Education Article

I wrote this in  “The Innovator’s Mindset“: Today, isolation is a choice educators make. Our connectivity and learning opportunities have changed in recent years, and, thankfully, many teachers are taking advantage of those changes to benefit themselves and, more importantly, their students. We have access to information and, equally valuable, to each other. We need to tap into that. The quote in bold is one I often share in presentations and recently, after being tweeted out, someone said (paraphrasing), “I…

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Honoring the Past While Moving Toward the Future – The Principal of Change – Education Article

A couple of things that I have been thinking lately: When we say, “We want our students to change the world” or “solve tomorrow’s problems,” I wonder if we are acting like the generation of teachers before didn’t?  A lot of the great things that are being created by people today is because of teachers in the past having the same intentions of teachers’ today.  We have to realize that for the best educators, no matter the generation, the intent…

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