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How To Apply User Experience Research (UX) To Instructional Design (ID) – Education Article

Instructional Design And Ways To Apply User Experience Research (UX) Developing my first mobile learning app has been an exciting process. I think we take for granted the research behind the creation of Learning Management Systems (LMS) and online learning platforms like Thinkific and Teachable. Instructional Design and a learner-centered approach are still at the core of the process, but there are many elements outside of the traditional way of building an online training or course. I also learned early in…

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JIT Learning And How It Leads To Learning Effectiveness – Education Article

Learning Effectiveness Boils Down To This: JIT Learning Just think of your last flight travel. Many of you would have done it yesterday or even today. Can you recall the content of the training intervention you were subjected to in the flight? You are probably wondering what training? Press the rewind button again until just before your flight took off. Yeah, you got it, Pre Flight Safety Demonstration. That is a short training you undergo every time you board a…

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6 Tips To Use Inquiry-Based Learning In Modern Online Training Experiences

How To Use Inquiry-Based Learning In Modern Online Training Experiences They say curiosity killed the cat, but human beings are quite different from felines. For us, the need to know has driven our greatest discoveries. It has helped us learn new languages, experience other cultures and advance our education levels. In the eLearning space, inquiry-based learning can lead to better resource distribution. With so much educational content available, online learners can get overwhelmed. Worse, they can get inundated with useless information.…

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