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How To Apply User Experience Research (UX) To Instructional Design (ID) – Education Article

Instructional Design And Ways To Apply User Experience Research (UX) Developing my first mobile learning app has been an exciting process. I think we take for granted the research behind the creation of Learning Management Systems (LMS) and online learning platforms like Thinkific and Teachable. Instructional Design and a learner-centered approach are still at the core of the process, but there are many elements outside of the traditional way of building an online training or course. I also learned early in…

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The Rhythms of the Semester: Implications for Practice – Education Article

We begin each semester on a different note than we end on. The early weeks hold promise and high hopes, both often curtailed when the first assignments are graded. The final weeks find us somewhere between being reluctant or relieved to see a class move on. There is an inexplicable but evident interaction between our teaching persona and the persona a class develops throughout a semester. Some structural factors influence both: among them—the type and level of a course, the…

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A Principal’s Reflections: Top Posts of 2018 – Education Article

A Principal’s Reflections: Top Posts of 2018 Top Posts of 2018 Get up and write!  Well, this isn’t the saying that I abide by, but making the time to reflect and hammer away at the keyboard is something that I still consistently commit to doing.  There are many reasons I continue to blog regularly, but the biggest is trying to add a practical lens to many of the ideas we either see or hear about on social media. During the…

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6 Tips To Use Inquiry-Based Learning In Modern Online Training Experiences

How To Use Inquiry-Based Learning In Modern Online Training Experiences They say curiosity killed the cat, but human beings are quite different from felines. For us, the need to know has driven our greatest discoveries. It has helped us learn new languages, experience other cultures and advance our education levels. In the eLearning space, inquiry-based learning can lead to better resource distribution. With so much educational content available, online learners can get overwhelmed. Worse, they can get inundated with useless information.…

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