Do Small Class Sizes Have Any Impact? – Education Article

Reading Time: 2 minutes Do small class sizes improve student achievement in primary and secondary schools? Increasing class size is one of the key variables that policymakers can use to control spending on education. I’ve tried my best to summarise this 110-page research document for the busy classroom teacher and school leader. A modest return… This systematic review examines the impact of class size on academic achievement. The review summarises findings from 148 reports from 41 countries. Ten studies were included…

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The Gifts they Bring: English Learners and Gifted Ed. – Education Article

A few weeks back I was chatting with a gifted education specialist in our district, an excellent teacher my son was lucky enough to have in elementary school. I asked him some questions that had been in the back of my mind about English Learners and gifted education, and whether the district identified a lot of EL’s as gifted and talented. He said that the district was working on this issue and developing some strategies to improve in this area.…

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How the world fails in educating refugee girls – Education Article

KAKUMA, Kenya—A sea of 76 students in bright violet uniforms with pointed white collars confronted Jessica Deng as she stepped into her classroom. The students – all girls in the eighth grade – crowded around worn wooden desks and battered textbooks as she briskly set them to work on a math problem calculating the speed of someone who travels 80 kilometers in 4 hours. The equatorial sun had begun to heat up the September day and burned through the curtainless…

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