How To Use Voice Dictation And Work Smarter – Education Article

Reading Time: 1 minute How can teachers and school leaders use spoken language to optimise time available to complete tasks? Having used this technology for over 10 years, I’m surprised how few people [teachers] are aware of voice technology and how it can be used to enhance the way one can work efficiently. I’ve been using Dragon Dictate, Siri, Google Documents, Kaizena and others tools to write books, blogs, emails, teaching and learning policies and day-to-day phone use e.g. emails…

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I Don’t Mean to Alarm You – Education Article

Hey gang! So, because of the snow we had this year, we’re going all the way until June 19th! DOH! I mean, super! And if you’re out of school already….well, I will try not to be salty about it, but I’m jealous baby! I’m looking at you Tiffany Whitehead! LOL (Baton Rouge, LA gets out EARLY!) Around Memorial Day is when we start trying to get books back. Not from our active readers, but from those kiddos who have had…

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iPhone Trick – Education Article

This One iPhone Trick Has Transformed My Life OK, that’s a kind of a big statement. You may have heard of this, but I found this out right before Christmas and started this blog then…but, you know. Holidays. So….just in case you haven’t heard about this, here it is. The Space Bar Cursor Trick on the iPhone / iPad in iOS 12 is a great time saver for every iPhone or Apple user.  You can press and hold (long press)…

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