Keith Brown

Oakland Teachers Strike For Class Sizes and Student Supports – Education Article

Fed up with unequal resources that starve their students of the schools they deserve, the 3,000 members of the Oakland Education Association (OEA) went on strike on Thursday to demand smaller class sizes and increased access for students to counselors, school nurses, librarians, and school psychologists. “You can’t feed the minds of our students by starving their schools,” OEA President Keith Brown has said. On Thursday, educators, parents, and other supporters walked picket lines at all 86 Oakland schools, and…

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Educators and Parents Reset the Class Size ‘Debate’ – Education Article

Earlier this month, Rebecca Segal, a kindergarten teacher in Milwaukee, walked into her classroom, counted the number of students in front of her, and thought to herself, “This is going to be a great day.” Typically, Segal teaches around 30 kids, but a blizzard and frigid temperatures, while not severe enough for an official snow day, kept more than half her students at home. With only 12 kids in her classroom, Segal knew right off the bat that things were going…

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