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Kids Before Curriculum – The Teacher And The Admin – Education Article

It is when you least expect it that you learn the most, become inspired, invigorated, and motivated to contribute to your field, to make a difference. This happened for me a few weeks ago in the most unlikely of places, a high school classroom during an after school PD session. I had presented on homework, more specifically about how and why I felt our District could better utilize homework to inspire our students as opposed to what it has become…

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Honors Isn’t About More – The Teacher And The Admin – Education Article

I received a text from a friend of mine about a month ago. She was a bit upset that her daughter was spending yet another night at her desk with homework that would take, based on every other night thus far during the school year, about six hours to complete. That six hour estimate was a hopeful one, with the idea that the math packet would come easy that night.  For that night, her daughter had to complete the following…

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What I Want For Our Kids? What Do I Want Our School To Be Known For? – The Teacher And The Admin – Education Article

This past week was one of those weeks that my wife often warns me about. The ones where I jam pack so much into my schedule that I run from meeting to meeting, event to event, switching gears, changing focus, changing direction, all the while trying my best to make things better. She worries I will burn out, make frivolous mistakes, not focus on family enough, let my inner anger bubble to the surface.  All valid points. I have tried…

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1st Annual #KidsFirst Educator Award – The Teacher And The Admin – Education Article

Exactly one year ago today, we published our first piece on this site. This site started because we wanted to be a voice in education. We each had over 20 years of experience in education and, while we knew we didn’t have all of the answers, we hoped that our stories, our experiences, and our passion for education would promote thought, inspiration, and, of course, change. We are truly grateful for the response and the conversation that has been cultivated…

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It’s Never “It Is What It Is” When It Comes To Kids – The Teacher And The Admin – Education Article

I have never been one who gets excited for New Year’s Resolutions. It is not that I do not think it is valuable to start anew, develop a new habit, or to break an old one; it is more that I try to commit to resolutions each week and, sometimes, each day.   The key word here is try. I will try to eat healthy, learn Spanish, disconnect from my phone, be less moody, avoid flipping the bird to that…

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