Learning to Emphasize Background Knowledge in My Own Reading – Education Article

A knowledge-based margin note: M y scrawl says, “1.4M {years ago]. End of the Australopthicus.” I never would have written that kind of margin note before I started understanding the importance of encoding knowledge in long-term memory.   I’ve been thinking a lot about reading lately, and not just students’–my own as well. This week EducationNext ran a  review I wrote of Maryanne Wolf’s Reader Come Home, it was a review about an immensely important book that was also one…

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Skill=knowledge+practice – Education Article

Over the years I’ve thought a lot about whether we should be teaching knowledge or skills. The debate has moved on a lot in recent years and today it’s rare to find anyone arguing against teaching knowledge but there are many who would still advocate for a balance of knowledge and skills. The more I […] This is only a snippet of a Education Article written by David Didau Read Full Article

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