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5 Things Which Confuse Me About Ofsted – Education Article

Reading Time: 5 minutes What key points confuse you about Ofsted’s proposed framework? The consultation for school inspection was published on the Department for Education’s website on 16 January 2019  and is open until 5 April 2019. There is a good period of opportunity for everyone to engage in how our education settings are evaluated across England. I consider myself to have a decent understanding of school improvement, but there are five things which baffle me about Ofsted’s proposals and how it proposes to inspect…

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Curriculum Misgivings For Young People – Education Article

Reading Time: 3 minutes Do we anticipate all pupils to meet an English Baccalaureate curriculum? Last week, the Department for Education published a “list of mainstream state-funded schools and their 2018 English Baccalaureate (EBacc) language entry.” We have a national curriculum to specify, not only consistency across our schools but to ensure an education for every pupil regardless of background. What still confuses me, is the apparent freedom to veer away from the national curriculum by becoming an academy or free school,…

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What Does Ofsted’s New Framework Say? – Education Article

Reading Time: 3 minutes What does Ofsted’s draft consultation say in the proposed inspection framework? On social media, you would be forgiven for thinking that I was against the work that Ofsted hope to achieve in the year ahead. What I would like to highlight in this post, is the work that Sean Harford has achieved on social media (though, still many myths to bust on the ground) and my hopes for Amanda Spielman. I wish to offer comments in…

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