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2 Weeks of Action – STORIES FROM SCHOOL AZ – Education Article

It is part of our mission of the Arizona National Board Certified Teachers Network to raise awareness about the impact of National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) on our students, schools, and profession.  Many NBCTs have shared our stories about why National Board Certification matters to us with our colleagues, administration, parents, and school boards for years. We had a dream from the infant stages of the Network in 2015 – we wanted to tell our legislature about the value of…

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Trust, but Verify – STORIES FROM SCHOOL AZ – Education Article

I am alternately hopeful, terrified, and jubilant.  I check Twitter obsessively.  My anxiety is easily triggered.  It must be time for the Arizona legislative session.  Even in a state known for wacky and colorful political antics, it promises to be a doozy.  We’ve already seen blatant attacks on our profession as punishment for taking a stand for our students last year. On the other hand, we’re seeing school funding bills coming from unexpected sources.  I’ve heard policymakers using words I…

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