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Connecting the Disconnect Between Class Time and Course Readings – Education Article

“What do the readings have to do with class?” “Why do we even have to do the readings?” After spending more than a decade supporting college faculty in teaching, I have heard students utter these statements numerous times. I often observe classes and conduct mid-course focus groups with students. It continues to surprise me that students regularly question how the readings connect to class. Certainly, instructors would not be assigning readings that had nothing to do with the course! Given…

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Six Things You Can Do to Deepen Student Learning – Education Article

For baseball fans and players, springtime can only mean one thing: spring training. Every year professional baseball players head to Arizona or Florida to hone their craft. These are professionals mind you, but they continue to spend hours each year working on many of the same things Little Leaguers work on during the start of their seasons—throwing, catching, hitting, base running, and so forth. As they make minor adjustments in these fundamentals of the game, the overall outcome is a…

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Using ‘Meta-Teaching’ to Help Students Adjust and Engage – Education Article

I taught my first class in 1992. At the time, I was young, eager to teach, and woefully unprepared to deal with an 8:00 a.m. general education class at a mid-sized regional university. I naively anticipated walking into the classroom, putting down my stuff, and fielding provocative and interesting questions from students about the topics we were about to cover in our Introduction to Psychology course. I was met with what most of us are met with when we enter…

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