Making the case for Education Technologies

eduCLIMBER – Powerful Data Integration and Analysis that Teachers & Admins can Actually Use – Education Article

Powerful data integration and analysis that teachers and admins can actually use. eduCLIMBER can position educators to work together to give students the supports they need to succeed. eduCLIMBER is a unique cloud-based data system created for educators by educators to make data analysis more efficient and accurate. This interactive tool enables schools to pull together data from many different sources and visualize it in new, powerful ways. It is important to note that eduCLIMBER was developed by an educator who was not…

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Bridging the Gap: Graphic Novels and Reluctant Readers – Education Article

We live in a visual world where content, including educational content, is often consumed visually in the form of infographics, short videos, and yes, comics. It’s no secret that graphic novels and comics are increasingly popular among young readers. Many readers step from “I Can Read” chapter books that include pictures to popular diary fiction and more complex graphic novels. Graphic novels fill the gap that leads to the unillustrated chapter books that students will study throughout their education. Discounting…

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6 Reasons Why Classrooms Need To Implement Blended Learning – Education Article

Technology continues to transform today’s classrooms. And teaching methods have changed to fit the expectations, learning styles, and interests of students. Today, blended learning is fast becoming a preferred teaching strategy for all grade levels. It’s popular because it effectively combines the benefits of traditional instruction with online learning. Blended learning has many benefits, whether it’s cutting overhead costs or using online examine practice to lower test anxiety. Here are six reasons you need to implement blended learning into your…

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