Managing School Operations and Resources

Finding the Best Fit for the Culture of a School – The Principal of Change – Education Article

As people are starting to staff or think about staffing for the next year, this is a story I thought about it recently… Years ago,  I had an interview for a job in a small school.  I felt comfortable about the interview and walked out really confident that I would be the best candidate.  About a day later, I got a call and was told that they were not going to offer the job to me, which I was fine with,…

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Invest in the People that Invest in Students – The Principal of Change – Education Article

The article, “How Education Takes Itself Too Seriously” by Jennifer Nicole, is one that could push your thinking and starts with an interesting paragraph: Education has become a system that revolves around the needs of the adults instead of the needs of the children. We focus on curriculum, assessment, and technology. We focus on content, instruction, and differentiation. But we fail to focus on what really matters — reaching children. Education programs fail to address the primary driver of success in the classroom — relationships.…

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