Fun ways to teach angles – Mr. Hill’s Musings – Education Article

We have just concluded our maths unit on angles and it occurred to me how much fun we’ve had over the last few weeks! Here are a few learning engagements for teaching angles that I have found to be very fun and highly beneficial. Keep in mind that I used these with Year Four students and not always with the whole class. Keep your students’ individual needs in mind before choosing to adopt any of these. Scratch animations An angles…

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AZ – SB 1051 – The High-Quality Teacher Pilot Program – Education Article

SB1038 came about because Arizona schools were no longer offering physics. As teachers left, schools chose to eliminate programs as there was no one to teach this subject. We eventually got down to 159 certified and active physics teachers teaching in Arizona schools, both public and private. A new bill hitting the capitol this month, SB 1051 will seek to extend SB 1038.  It will give us the ability to collect more data on longevity and teacher retention and help…

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Miles and Miles of Math by Alyson Parenteau… – Education Article

Miles and Miles of Mathby Alyson ParenteauScience Technology Magnet High School | New London, CT As a math teacher, the most common question my students ask is, “When am I ever going to use this?” In response, I’ve organized Making Math Career Connections days, when community members come into the classroom and tell us how they use math in their lives.  Engineers, computer scientists, members of the military, medical professionals and business people talk about how they use math in their…

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