4 Tips For Valuing Your Staff – Education Article

Reading Time: 4 minutes How can we truly value our staff? The official hours for teachers are 8.30am – 4.00pm, but I am yet to meet a teacher who sticks to those. Staff come in early to set up the outdoor areas, come rain or shine. They give up lunchtimes to run clubs, they stay late to ensure that pupils get home safely and they sacrifice a lay in on a Saturday to enable pupils to attend special events. Staff…

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10 Essential Elements Of A Successful Meeting – The Teacher And The Admin – Education Article

What do we want classes to look like for our students? When I reflect on this question I realize that it is does not have to be the same answer for each teacher; in fact, it should not be the same answer for every teacher. Mrs. Jennifer Harrington, “All in” English Teacher Teachers have different strengths. Teachers have different goals and objectives, teachers have different students with different needs, and, of course, teachers have different styles. Some may be comfortable…

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Leading Others Without Being An Asshole – Education Article

Reading Time: 2 minutes How do you interact with other people you work with? I’ve been reading quite a number of books on business and leadership over the past 18 months: Two books I am currently reading include The Asshole Survival Guide by Robert I. Sutton and To Sell Is Human by Daniel H. Pink which I have already written about and have demonstrated how I do this. Something to think about … “Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem,…

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