Sazhida runs a kindergarten for pastoralist children in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan during the summer – Education Article

This content comes from our newly released interactive youth version of the 2019 GEM Report, presented today at the UN Youth Forum in New York. Jailoo kindergartens provide education for the children of pastoralist families who move to mountain pastures (jailoo) in the summer to fatten their livestock for the winter. The kindergartens ensure that children do not fall behind in their studies while their families are on the move. Lessons are designed to match the lifestyle of the children…

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The Global Compact on Migration: looking on the bright side – Education Article

Last week, 163 countries signed the Global Compact on Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration. Most of the media coverage and commentary has been about those not signing or those threatening not to sign. The prime ministers of Belgium and Denmark took part in the opening debate at the Inter-governmental Conference in Marrakech on December 10, but it was the political upheavals in their countries that grabbed the attention. In Belgium, the government has been on the verge of collapsing. In…

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I have the qualifications and 16 years of experience. Why can’t I find a job? – Education Article

Beata, a qualified and experienced Polish teacher emigrated to the UK so that her children could learn English, but never managed to get a job there, not even as a teaching assistant. Beata holds a Master’s degree in pedagogy, 16 years’ teaching experience, a Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English, and a diploma in the methodology of teaching English. She taught English at high-school level in Poland. Before coming to the UK, she had her qualifications recognized by the National…

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