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5 Awesome Apps Developed by Students and How They Changed Lives – Education Article

These Young People are Changing Lives With the Skills They’ve Learned The mobile application is the fastest growing digital market. According to all projections, it will continue to rise at a significant rate mostly due to increased penetration of the internet and smartphones. Various researchers predict that the mobile application market will reach $188.9B worldwide by the end of 2020. At the same time, many mavericks around the world use ios app development not only to make a fortune but also…

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Road Schooling: How to Homeschool from Your RV (Or Anywhere in the Country) – Education Article

Some reports claim this a growing trend. It is a controversial concept. But if families are going to do it, they need to try and do it well! These tips can help. – KW For many families, life on the road is a bucket-list wish. Being able to live out of an RV and travel the country is their dream. Making this dream come true requires a few lifestyle changes, including downsizing possessions, being comfortable living nomadically, and setting up…

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The Week Magazine Provides Teaching Resources for Digging Deeper into News While Building Skills – Education Article

Questions, Ideas, and Rich Activities Ready to Use to Dig Into Current Events and Explore Them With Your Students Every day we are assailed by stories about the world around us. News media come at us from the web, television, social media, print, and the conversations around us. Making sense of these events and issues can be quite challenging. It’s enough to make kids and adults alike want to stick their heads in the proverbial sand and try to ignore…

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