Moving at the Speed of Creativity – Education Article

Yesterday I was blessed by the opportunity to attend and participate in day 2 of the 2018 LearnFest (@theLearnFest) Conference in Austin, Texas. LearnFest, or “The Learning Festival,” is Carl Hooker‘s (@mrhooker) new iteration of iPadPalooza. LearnFest joins a very short, personal list of top quality, amazing educational technology professional development events. These include The Mobile Learning Experience in Arizona (@tonyvincent and @azk12), Miami Device in Florida (@felixjacomino), UnPlug’d in Ontario (@thecleversheep), and the Willowood Technology Summit (@nctplarry) in Texas. Unfortunately those…

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Honoring Maria Montessori’s Birthday by Carrying… – Education Article

Honoring Maria Montessori’s Birthday by Carrying on Her Vision Happy (belated) birthday to Maria Montessori, born on August 31,1870, and founder of the eponymous learning style characterized by independence and freedom within limits. Two teams of teachers used liberty afforded by Fund for Teachers to design fellowships that further enhanced early childhood education informed by Montessori. A team from Alighieri Montessori School in East Boston attended the International Montessori Congress in Prague, focusing on Montessori techniques as a path to…

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