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Growing a 28-Day Garden – National Geographic Education Blog – Education Article

Mike Johnston grew a classroom garden with his middle school science students as part of a study on food stewardship. Students deepened their knowledge of the impact of food consumption through a video call with a National Geographic Explorer. What is a 28-day garden? Often gardening is viewed as something that is arduous and time consuming. Planting a 28-day garden is a challenge to grow food from seed to consumption in 28 days. For our 28-day garden we spent the…

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Curating Digital Museums Makes Geography Personal – National Geographic Education Blog – Education Article

Our Educator Spotlight series features inspiring activities and lessons that educators are implementing with their students that connect them to the world in bold and exciting ways. Educators often use these projects to complete their National Geographic Educator Certification.   Laura Krenicki‘s sixth-grade class examined the paths of people and objects from a geographic perspective. The class read an Explorer magazine article by Paul Salopek, a National Geographic Explorer, and participated in a live video event with him. Then, students…

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