Next Gen Learning

A Refresher Course on the NGSS – Education Article

Does the term next gen make your ears perk up like it does mine? It’s a term that became popular in the early 2000s in reference to new technology adoptions and developments in the gaming and 3D graphics industry. But today, it’s used more liberally to refer to any “major upgrade.” But what exactly has it meant for the past several years when used in tandem with Science Standards? 40 states have adopted the NGSS or a modified version thereof, so…

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Forget Replication, Transforming Learning is About Remixing – Education Article

By: Tony Siddall How do you replicate the most innovative schools in the country? It’s a trick question. The answer is that you don’t. Over the last year, our team at Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC) has spoken with the leaders of many of the most innovative schools in the country. While they’re intensely committed to sharing what they’ve learned, few are interested in “replication” as it is traditionally understood. As Jin-Soo Huh of Distinctive Schools recently argued, “cookie cutter”…

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