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The Loneliness Of The Long-Distance Learner – Education Article

Being A Long-Distance Learner In No Easy Task Distance education (radio, TV, print, internet) has been a staple of teacher pre-service and in-service instruction for decades from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Its benefits— in particular, online learning, which this article discusses— are well documented. Online learning provides teachers with access to content, new instructional practices, colleagues and experts, and curriculum and assessment supports. In particular, it provides these opportunities for teachers who have often been excluded from professional development—women,… This is…

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How To Study Online Courses Effectively (11 Useful Tips) – Education Article

eLearning Infographics How To Study Online Courses Effectively (11 Useful Tips) How To Study Online Courses Effectively (11 Useful Tips) Infographic Having online classes is a great thing. You never have to turn up to a class in person, just sit with your computer at home, and receive instructions from your lecturer. Even though online courses can be a more convenient, and cheaper means of learning, sometimes concentrating on studying can be difficult. There are a lot of distractions; from…

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What’s Your New Year’s Resolution? We Have Five Ways to Help You Keep It! – National Geographic Education Blog – Education Article

Did you know that the United States government has a resource to help you achieve some of the most common resolutions? (Yes, the PDF is still available during the shutdown.) I’ll bet most people can guess the resolutions that made the list: losing weight, managing stress, saving money and getting a better education, among others. Did your resolution focus on education? If so, congrats! You’re already making moves toward success by reading our blog. Here are some other fun ways to…

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