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The Loneliness Of The Long-Distance Learner – Education Article

Being A Long-Distance Learner In No Easy Task Distance education (radio, TV, print, internet) has been a staple of teacher pre-service and in-service instruction for decades from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Its benefits— in particular, online learning, which this article discusses— are well documented. Online learning provides teachers with access to content, new instructional practices, colleagues and experts, and curriculum and assessment supports. In particular, it provides these opportunities for teachers who have often been excluded from professional development—women,… This is…

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Motivation And eLearning: 5 Ways To Stay On Track Without In-Person Accountability – Education Article

Stay On Track Without In-Person Accountability: Motivation And eLearning Though eLearning and distance education afford us the flexibility of working from anywhere and accessing course content at any time, the reality is that without someone physically checking over our shoulder to ensure we remain on task, it can be easy to get distracted, become unmotivated or simply spend time on other, more personal endeavors that pull us away from the screen. If you’re an eLearning student, this can result in…

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