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Who wins your #AppMadnessChallenge bracket? – The Principal of Change – Education Article

I wanted to try something a little different today… I was recently at a New York Knicks game, and they had a cool video during an intermission break.  “App Madness” was an ode to the “March Madness” basketball tournament and one of the New York Knicks’ players listed their top 8 apps used and which one was their favorite by going through head-to-head competition ultimately, with one ultimate winner.  I looked at the top 8 apps I used in the…

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“To give your kids everything in life.” – The Principal of Change – Education Article

As a basketball fan, and also a fan of human beings, I loved this read, “My Dad’s Friendship With Charles Barkley.” It is an excellent story of what seems to be an unlikely friendship, but as you read it, you realize how much the relationship makes sense because of the shared bonds between two people.  The part in the story where the daughter asks Charles Barkley, one of the most famous basketball players ever, why he hung out with her…

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