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Where To Find Educational Videos for Students – Education Article

Have you ever held your fingers over the record button of a VCR to capture the exact moment something was about to happen on a television show? For many students (and younger teachers) this concept is entirely foreign. The stress and excitement of recording the perfect clip on a blank videotape are totally lost on students of this generation. Educational Videos for Students Well, there are a lot of ways educational technology has disrupted the way we think about video…

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7 Classroom Activities for the Alphabet Legends Books – Education Article

You might have heard the buzz in a Facebook post shared by a friend or a picture in your Instagram feed. Well, last year I connected with the folks behind the Alphabet Legends series. They even gave me a book to giveaway on my own Instagram page. I’m so excited to share a few ways to use these books in your classroom. And I’ve connected this book series to some of my very favorite technology tools! If you haven’t heard…

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Read Aloud Videos and Teacher Guides for Your Classroom – Education Article

Over the past few years, I’ve had the chance to speak at a variety of literacy conferences. From Nebraska to Maryland, Orlando to Austin, I’ve shared strategies for integrating digital tools into the classroom and favorite online resources for educators. High on my list of favorite resources is Storyline Online. If you haven’t heard of Storyline Online before it is a free resource with read aloud videos. On their website, you can search for different children’s picture books or browse…

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