A Helpful Principal’s Tips for Lawnmower Parents – Education Article

A MiddleWeb Blog My husband John posted a piece of short fiction to my Facebook timeline with the comment, “This weird, sweet story has Rita Platt’s name written all over it … “ The super short Lizard-Baby by Benjamin Schaefer provoked deep thoughts in me. It is about being a parent. It is not a spoiler to share that the main character gives birth to an egg from which hatches a lizard. That little lizard is showered with unconditional love…

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8 Tips For Becoming A Teacher Role Model – Education Article

Reading Time: 5 minutes How can we be the best role models for our students? To be or not to be a role model? That is the question. Are teachers unwittingly positioned as role models because of the job title being linked with responsibility for learning? Does the label weigh us down? There are many superlatives accompanying the term ‘role model’. Inspirational, immaculate, influential… the list is endless. The label can make us constantly ask ourselves how we can measure…

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