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The Forgotten Curriculum, An RTI Approach – Education Article

Behavior: The Forgotten Curriculum, An RTI Approach for Nurturing Essential Life Skills By Chris Weber(Solution Tree, 2018 – Learn more) Reviewed by Rita Platt Multi Tier Support Systems (MTSS) for academics have been a part of most elementary and middle schools in the form of Response to Intervention (RTI) for the last half dozen years or more. Similar support systems to help students learn to manage their own behavior have also gained some popularity, mostly in the form of Positive Behavior…

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Want Eager Readers? Open the Doors to Your Library Wide! – Education Article

A MiddleWeb Blog The library is buzzing. The sounds of joyful reading fill the room. Students are huddled in every nook and cranny. Excited whispers abound: “Look at this picture!” “Have you read this one yet?” and “I met my goals!” The “beep beep” of checkout is constant. St. Croix Falls Elementary, where I am the principal, is a rural school in northeast Wisconsin. We are very successful and consistently score as a school that exceeds expectations on the state…

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Self-Care for Funny People – Education Article

A MiddleWeb Blog These days, if you’re a teacher, you’ve probably read something about “self-care.” There is a movement in edu-circles around the more than worthy notion that teachers need to be mindful of meeting their own needs. You know, the “put on your oxygen mask first” theory of supporting kids. It’s a good theory. Teachers work hard and often do so with little regard for their own needs. That’s not sustainable. If we want to serve our students, then…

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