When Teachers Behave Badly | TeacherToolkit – Education Article

Reading Time: 5 minutes What should reasonably be expected of a teacher? When teachers behave badly it makes local or national news, and bringing the profession into disrepute is not something you want on your CV. There is a self-assessment at the end of this post… A recent survey revealed that teachers are highly thought of by the public at large. This is wonderful news. According to the Ipsos MORI Veracity Index 2018, teachers are the third most trusted profession in the…

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Beyond The Gate: 12 Risk Factors Of Youth Violence – Education Article

Reading Time: 3 minutes How can schools identify those most at risk? In previous blogs I have outlined the evolution of “Beyond The Gate” – our school based response to the societal challenges of youth violence. Here, blog 4 of the series, I will outline the approach that we have developed  to help identify those students who are considered most at risk. A Research Informed Approach My point is simple. Academic research and supporting evidence identifies a number of risk…

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