Roxana, a Romanian student on an Erasmus exchange programme, “learned to look beyond stereotypes” – Education Article

This content comes from our newly released interactive youth version of the 2019 GEM Report. The EU’s higher education strategy includes a target for at least 20% of graduates to experience part of their study or training abroad. Erasmus is the largest and most prominent student mobility programme in the world. Participants study up to 12 months in another European country, which home institutions recognize towards students’ degrees. Evaluations of the programme suggest a positive effect on employment, career opportunities…

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What is education worth? Should France be hiking its university fees for foreign students? – Education Article

Recently, in France, not just the gilets jaunes have been protesting, but also students. Why? Foreign students have just been informed their fees are going to be lifted by around 11 times. The change will see international students who are not EEA nationals – including the UK after Brexit – paying €2,770 for undergraduate studies and €3,770 at master’s and doctoral level. This is a considerable jump from the €170 per year charged currently for undergraduate programs, €243 for master’s…

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