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PART 2 Gratitude – Rockn’ The Boat – Education Article

It’s Not What You Got, It’s What You Give Gratitude A low cost strategy to help students (and adults) feel happier and less depressed is the practice of gratitude. Negativity rewires the brain to seek out the negative in situations. Finding things we are thankful for and reflecting upon them is a great way to help students focus on the good things in their lives and promotes a mental state in which students are ready and able to learn. In…

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PART 3 DEEP BREATHS – Rockn’ The Boat – Education Article

We weren’t born to follow Deep Breaths: It’s no secret that deep breathing is nature’s best anti-stress medicine. It has stood the test of time as an old wives tale, primarily because there is some very powerful science behind why it is effective. One analogy used by Matthew MacKinnon MD in Psychology Today, describes it as a biological brake that can help lead to resilience and happiness.  “…in a state of petroleum-fueled anxiety there is no better remedy than a…

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