social-emotional learning

Class Activity to Bring SEL Alive – Education Article

By Marilee Sprenger I am standing at the door, greeting my students. The seventh graders walk into my room. I am waving a sheet of notebook paper in my hand. “What’s that, Mrs. S?” asks Angelo. “Uh-oh, is that my paper? Did I set up my outline wrong?” Jaclyn inquires. I walk over and turn off the morning music and return to the front of the room. “I found this letter,” I announce. “It’s a break-up letter. I think someone…

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Global School Play Day: One Day. Nothing But Play. – Education Article

Listen to my interview with Eric Saibel, Scott Bedley,and Tim Bedley (transcript): Sponsored by Listenwise and Pear Deck   In the past, when I heard people say things like “Kids need to play more,” I always agreed, but in kind of a lukewarm way. I was aware that school recesses had been shrinking over the years, and I’d read the stories about how kids in other countries like Finland and Japan play a lot more than kids do in the…

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